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Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy (MIBP)

The Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy (MIBP) has oversight responsibility for the DoD ManTech Program. The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for MIBP is responsible for ensuring that the linkage between "industrial policy" and "manufacturing" is firmly established and effectively coordinated.

Other MIBP Programs

Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment (IBAS) Program

The Department is required under Title 10, section 2508 of the U.S. Code to establish a fund, acting through the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy (DASD (MIBP)), to address critical issues in the industrial base and address supply chain vulnerabilities.

In addition to other sources, such as a DASD (MIBP) call for projects, MIBP investments under this program are expected to be informed by the Department's Sector by Sector, Tier by Tier (S2T2) industrial base assessments. These assessments collectively identify elements of the industrial base where current acquisition programs will not invest enough in production and/or research to support the minimum sustaining rate that would keep critical suppliers viable. While industrial base risks identified through these assessment tools are to be mitigated primarily through direct engagement with military departments, agencies, and industry, exceptional cases will require defense-wide intervention via investment accounts, often in collaboration with multiple Services and agencies, to ensure adequate industrial capability to support current and future defense needs.

The Defense-wide Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment (IBAS) program seeks to maintain or improve the health of essential parts of the defense industry by avoiding reconstitution costs for capability after a Defense procurement hiatus on major investment programs or critical supply chain products where affordable and innovative mechanisms are available to work with the producers in the interim. The IBAS "color of money" is 6.7 which means "Operational Systems Development" that "supports the continued improvement and upgrading of products already in production."

In addition to characterizing industrial capability risk with fragility and criticality criteria, additional criteria for projects to mitigate risk include factors such as 1) identifiable path of preservation, transformation or innovation between an existing capability and a capability with a very high probability of being needed in the short to medium term (< 5 years); 2) loss of the capability is likely in the absence of the proposed project; 3) analysis showing that the project results in a lower overall cost to the department than if capability is developed from scratch when needed; and 4) preference is given to projects supporting multiple programs or services with no clearly identifiable principle beneficiary.

Space Industrial Base Council (SIBC)

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