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Industrial Base Innovation Fund (IBIF)

The IBIF is a “National Constituent” Congressional Add, tasked with addressing strategic shortfalls especially surge production and diminishing sources. IBIF was established in FY 2008 as a collaborative effort between what was the office of OSD Industrial Policy (IP) and the JDMTP. OSD IP lacked a Program Element, so it relied on DLA ManTech for program execution. In 2011, when Congress realigned OSD IP with ManTech and T-III, it moved IBIF to the Defense Wide ManTech program element under OSD IP’s successor, Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy (MIBP).

IBIF 2014

Congress appropriated $25,000,000 to the Defense Wide Manufacturing Science and Technology (DMS&T) program element to continue IBIF. Further, the language states that IBIF should make investments in manufacturing research and development that address any of the following areas:

2014 Request for Information: Solicitation Number: RFI-RQKM-2014-0001

Responses are now closed to further submissions.

2014 IBIF Technical Topics

Affordable Radar

Solid Rocket Motor Digital Factory

Improved FPA Production for Thermal Hyperspectral Applications Using III-V Antimony Based Technology

Large Affordable Substrates

Large Scale Encapsulate Ceramics

Scalable Optical Network

Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Transparent Ceramics Blast Shield

IBIF 2013

The 2013 Defense Authorization Act added $30,000,000 to the Defense-wide Manufacturing Science and Technology (DMS&T) program element to continue the Industrial Base Innovation Fund and invest in manufacturing research and development that address defense industrial base shortfalls, especially those related to more urgent production requirements and diminishing defense manufacturing sources and material shortages, and a sustainable defense design team base. Other areas of emphasis encouraged are those related to the emerging fields of model-based engineering and integrated computational materials engineering, as highlighted in a recent National Research Council report, and new innovative technologies being developed through public-private partnerships such as the National Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, Connecting American Manufacturing, and the National Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Consortium.

2013 Request for Information Solicitation Number RFI-13-01-RQKM

The 2013 RFI is closed to new submissions.

2013 IBIF Technical Topics

America Makes, the Pilot Institute on Additive Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute

Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing Innovation Institute

Laser Assisted Consolidation of Composites

Carbon Nanotube Wiring

General Points of Contact:

Direct all general questions regarding IBIF from 2011 through 2014 to:

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