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DLA Mission:

Deliver innovative materiel solutions with a focus on nearer term delivery, measurable operational improvement, and alignment to organizational strategic goals, objectives and priorities through the Global Supply Chains at the DLA Primary Level Field Activities (PLFA) including Troop Support, Energy, Land & Maritime and Aviation. DLA ManTech Program has priorities in Sustaining and Improving Material Availability, High Quality Sources, and Integrating Manufacturing for Responsive, Low Cost Supply.

DLA ManTech's goal is to strengthen six critical DLA supply chains: DLA Focus Areas

DLA ManTech Budget:

$22.366 (FY 2015)

Program Management

The DLA Logistics Research & Development (R&D) Manufacturing Technology Office supports the J34 Logistics Support Executive Directorate. J34 supports the J3 Logistics Operations Division. Below is a description of the chain of command.

DLA Logistics Operations (J3) is responsible for the end-to-end supply chain management of the Defense Logistics Agency's (DLA) nine supply chains, providing logistics and materiel process management policy, guidance, and oversight while conducting continuous assessments of supply chain performance.

Support Executive Directorate (J34) leads the oversight and synchronization of key business and supply chain management functions for Materiel Policy, Process and Assessment, Strategic Integration, and the DLA Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis (DORRA). The Support Directorate serves as the J3 catalyst for best value integrated solutions to enhance logistics operations support for internal and external stakeholders, explore and assess innovative concepts and strategic opportunities to enhance current and emerging capabilities across the spectrum of DLA Logistics Operations.

Investment Portfolio Areas

Emergent Topics

New Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs)*

*In FY16, the Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs) will be aligned with the ManTech investment portfolio areas

Proposal Process

There are two primary proposal avenues for DLA: a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for "communities of practice" and a BAA for emerging technologies. BAAs for "communities of practice" (COP) awards are related to a specific DLA managed commodity or strategic focus area. Community of practice BAAs are multi-award, multi-year, delivery order contracts with a limited scope. Typically, COP the awards are for 1 year with 4 - 1 year options. The base awards are for a nominal amount to participate in COP planning activities. Separate projects are awarded to the members of the COP to achieve technical objectives. The BAA for Emerging Technologies is a continuously open, broad scope BAA. The process for award and the area(s) of interest covered are specified in the BAA itself. The Emerging Technologies BAA typically results in a single project contract. DLA R&D contracting is primarily managed through the DLA Contracting Services Office in Philadelphia.

DLA also develops manufacturing technologies through Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) topics that support strategic priorities.


Ongoing R&D project nomination process - projects vetted by R&D board quarterly on new starts or re-competes.

Contact DLA ManTech

If you would like to discuss areas of interest or have questions, Contact DLA ManTech.

Success Stories

ManTech Reduces Cost of Maintaining Weapon Systems’ Electronics

Download [pdf - 163KB]

Hundreds of Weapon Systems across the Department of Defense employ microcircuit technologies which Industry has long since ceased to produce. In response to this issue, DLA Man Tech developed the capability to emulate dozens of microcircuit part types which re-established a source of supply for microcircuits and provided cost avoidance per weapon systems application.

ManTech Develops Production Capability of Casting Cores for Engine Airfoils

Download [pdf - 226KB]

High Pressure Turbine (HPT) airfoils, i.e. blades and vanes, are typically the pacing item for turbine engines, adding 3 to 12 months to a new product launch, upgrade or part replacement. This project worked on optimizing the additive manufacturing process which reduced lead time and cost, created faster affordable upgrades, and raised the technology readiness level (TRL) of CSL from a 4 to a 6.

DLA R&D and Troop Support Uses Item Level Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology to Revolutionize Recruit Uniform Issue Process

Download [pdf - 211KB]

The recruit uniform issue process is an inefficient process for service members to receive their uniforms. This project was able to fully automate the process and virtually eliminate human data recording error, slashing the amount of time it takes to issue recruit clothing and revolutionizing clothing procurement and lifecycle management.

ManTech Program Develops Production Capability for Lighter, Higher Energy Soldier Batteries

Download [pdf - 146KB]

Soldiers are relying on more batteries to meet the rising energy demands of their soldier-carried equipment, which adds weight and reduces mobility and effectiveness. This project introduced the next generation technology to military batteries which reduced the number of batteries required in soldier equipment and provided a higher performance.

ManTech Optimizes Packaging of Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)

Download [pdf - 356KB]

The packaging of MREs have been the same size while MREs have been constantly changing, resulting in an increased difficulty to fit the standard amount in each package and causing delays and cost overruns. This project optimized MRE packages and packing of MREs, resulting in cost savings of hundreds of thousands per year.

ManTech (SBIR) Develops Stretch Roll Forming of Complex Extrusions

Download [pdf - 109KB]

The current process for developing military airframes is inefficient and detrimental to onsite part production. This project identified and developed Stretch Roll Forming to produce extrusions which simplified the previous process, improved quality and supports future goals of the program.

ManTech (SBIR) Develops Solutions for Non-toxic Replacement Parts

Download [pdf - 36KB]

Aluminum-Beryllium and Beryllium materials used in military aerospace applications are expensive and not as environmentally safe. This project developed the Nano-Powder manufacturing process to successfully demonstrate the application of lightweight, low cost materials for use in DoD systems. The benefit of this new process are the creation of non-toxic parts as well as providing a positive impact on many commercial programs by providing safer systems, parts, and lower cost products.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Item Level Technology for Military Clothing and Individual Equipment

Download [pdf - 293KB] Project Completion: Phase I – May 2011, Phase II – May 2013

The purpose of this effort is to identify and implement cost effective item level RFID technology solutions at military Clothing and Individual Equipment (CIE) manufacturers. Since project inception, costs have dropped significantly for individual RFID tags & equipment, and implementation for CIE manufacturers. Phase II will develop protocols that will deploy capability to clothing & textiles (C&T) manufacturers.

Digital Radiography

Download [pdf - 248KB] Project Completion: June 2012

Digital radiography technology is becoming increasingly available as an in-house inspection tool for metalcasting quality assessment. However, without accepted digital reference standards, digital radiography cannot be used to certify a part. The DLA ManTech R&D office is working through the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC) team with DoD Services, industry, and ASTM to create the required casting reference standards for digital radiography.

Metalcasting Procurement Solutions Network

Download [pdf - 363KB] Project Completion: October 2011

As part of the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC), the Non-Ferrous Founders Society (NFFS) has developed the Procurement Solutions Network in conjunction with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) that promotes cost savings for the government while providing business opportunities for the cast metals industry.

Copper-based Casting Technology Applications Program on High-Speed Electric Motors

Download [pdf - 277KB] Project Completion: September 2011

This program is a continuation and expansion of the copper-based casting technology program for lightweight, robust, high-efficiency electric motors and fluid handling components for the defense community. This project will improve variable speed electric induction motor efficiency and service life, and upgrade quality and robustness of fluid handling components and systems.

Copper-based Casting Technology Applications Program on Pumps

Download [pdf - 225KB] Project Completion: June 2011

Recent manufacturing technology breakthroughs in casting copper-based alloys, when combined with other emerging advances such as cold spraying of metals and pump system efficiency improvements have created a number of promising opportunities for improved service life and lower lifecycle costs for pumps used in DoD applications.

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