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Agile manufacturing technologies with a focus on flexible, low-rate production
The AF Strategic Vision document can be downloaded here.

Four Strategic Thrusts:


$52.722M (FY2015)

Program Management

The AF ManTech organization is divided into two branches, the Electronics & Sensors Branch (AFRL/RXME) and the Propulsion, Structures & Manufacturing Enterprise Branch (AFRL/RXMS). Within the Electronics & Sensors Branch there are three teams: Industrial Base, Mission Systems and, Advanced Concepts. Within the Propulsion, Structures & Manufacturing Enterprise Branch there are three teams: Structures, Propulsion and, Enterprise.

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Investment Portfolio Areas:


Current organization, drivers, directions, planning process, and budgets trends can be found in the following briefing: Air Force ManTech Sight Picture

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Success Stories

Use of Digital Radiography for Final Part Acceptance of Aerospace Castings

Download [pdf - 38KB] Project Completion: January 2012

This project helped create the required standards for digital reference radiographs and eliminated other barriers to implementation of digital radiography, as an in-house inspection tool for metalcasting quality assessments. This investment will result in approximately $26M in cost reductions for DoD cast components over the next 10 years.

Improved Titanium Machining Process

Download [pdf - 52KB] Project Completion: December 2011

Titanium-based materials have different machining characteristics that make high metal removal rates difficult to achieve. Air Force ManTech awarded Third Wave Systems, Inc (TWS) a contract to improve machining productivity for aerospace titanium components. Their resulting modeling and high speed machining (HSM) technologies will allow for efficient and affordable fabrication of titanium used in F135 and F136 engine components, saving the aerospace industry millions of dollars each year.

Seal Extrusion Development and Demonstration (SEDD)

Download [pdf - 89KB] Project Completion: November 2011

Both the F-35 and F-22 aircraft require approximately 3,000 feet of various shaped seals per aircraft. The current process cycle includes a significant amount of touch labor and the tool is idle during portions of the process. This project developed extruded seals utilizing a thermoplastic extrusion process with the same filler material that was used in F-35 cast seals, greatly increasing production rates and durability, reducing cost, and a 97% reduction in production tooling.

Integrated MEMS Packaging

Download [pdf - 32KB] Project Completion: March 2011

A need has surfaced for a small, low-cost deeply integrated Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System (INS/GPS) that is also capable of being gun-hardened and has improved accuracy, mission flexibility, survivability, and increased standoff range. So, the Air Force ManTech Division awarded a contract to upgrade the manufacture of the tactical INS-GPS/AJ family of products. This Integrated MEMS Packaging (IMP) program improved manufacturing processes for the Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) gyro and accelerometer sensors, improving unaided and aided navigation accuracy, and requiring less power due to the smaller form factor.

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