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Metals Processing and Fabrication

The Metals Processing and Fabrication Subpanel includes manufacturing technology for metals, ceramics, optical materials, certain MMCs and CMCs, and other materials of similar microstructure. Inclusion of materials within the Metals Subpanel portfolio is driven both by the materials themselves and by the processes used to produce them and includes a range of classifications including: nano-materials, meta-materials, meso-materials, and functionally gradient materials. Processes associated with metals fabrication include: machining, casting, forging, joining, powder metallurgy, heat treatment, fabrication, surface conditioning, treatments, etc.

Other associated technologies within the scope of the Subpanel include: nondestructive testing and evaluation; computational modeling and simulation of materials, materials processes, and machining processes; and nontraditional additive manufacturing processing such as: laser additive, electron beam and plasma additive manufacturing. The scope includes manufacturing technology efforts in support of both new production and sustainment/readiness activities for fielded systems to include repair activities from the field level to depot level.

Metals Subpanel Presentation from SAMPE Conference

AM Update: Technical Challenges for Metallic Structural Parts

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