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Electronics Processing & Fabrication

The Electronics Subpanel serves as the DoD technical focal point for electronics manufacturing technologies. It focuses on electronics technologies, processes and enabling manufacturing capabilities that reduce the acquisition and sustainment cost of weapon systems and provide direct benefit to the Warfighter. Electronics Subpanel technologies include manufacturing for lead free electronics, electro-optics technologies, RF module technologies, power and energy sources, directed energy technologies, electronics packaging & assembly, and electromagnetic windows and domes. The Subpanel’s scope includes manufacturing science and technology (MS&T) subassemblies and subsystems, modeling, processes, and testing in support of both new production and sustainment/readiness activities for current weapon systems.

The Electronics Subpanel conducts joint DoD component project planning and oversees project execution via project assessments and annual portfolio reviews. It contributes to the enhancement of manufacturing technology transition among the DoD components, other government agencies, industry, and academia, and transition of technology from system development to production and sustainment. The Subpanel has also established three Technical Working Groups that assess critical Warfighter technologies needed in the areas of Power Sources, Radio Frequency (RF) Modules, and Lead Free Technologies. The Electronics Subpanel contributes to the overall goal of the JDMTP and the ManTech program that is to improve mission capability, improve readiness, and reduce total ownership costs.

Looking for an overview of the Subpanel? This briefing given by Dr. Forsythe at the 2015 SAMPE conference is a great start.

For more information, please contact the Electronics Subpanel.