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Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise

The Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise Subpanel encompasses the technologies, processes, and practices that foster rapid, superior execution of manufacturing enterprises across the life cycle. This subpanel focuses on issues that occur “above the factory floor,” or overall processes. The scope of the panel includes: (a) Model based tools and approaches that optimize producibility during early design and support standard data environments for life cycle support; (b) network centric manufacturing capabilities to facilitate resilient and adaptable supply chains; (c) intelligent manufacturing planning and factory execution; and (d) modeling and simulation capabilities advancing the above business practices.

This subpanel will address the technologies and practices to fully realize government and industry-wide use of manufacturing readiness tools and processes, including design for producibility and sustainability. Actions to assist in improving defense manufacturing infrastructure and workforce are also within scope. The AME subpanel will coordinate complementary technology development with other subpanels to facilitate effective insertion/transition.

The AME Subpanel released a Strategic Baseline document in July 2011. To view this document please click here

For more information, please contact the AME Subpanel