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Joint Defense ManTech Panel

The JDMTP is made up of one Principal representative from the Army, Navy, Air Force, DLA, MDA, and OSD. The Chairmanship is a rotating position among the Principals. Each Principal manages a ManTech program specific to their component, and OSD manages a Defense-wide Manufacturing Science & Technology (DMS&T) line. Technical projects within each ManTech Program are managed separately, and the Panel exists to avoid redundancies, identify and integrate requirements, conduct joint program planning, and develop joint strategies.

Other members of the Panel include ex-officio representatives from agencies such as the Department of Commerce (DOC) and Department of Energy (DOE).

As the diagram below demonstrates, the primary mechanism to support the Panel’s efforts is the JDMTP Subpanels, which abide by the Subpanel Charter, signed in 2011. The projects funded by all the ManTech programs are coordinated through the JDMTP and its Subpanels. Each of the four Subpanels consists of members from each of the components as well as representatives of the larger JDMTP community, and they meet regularly to review the projects within their technology portfolio, identify opportunities for collaboration, and provide input to the Panel on opportunities for future investment areas. The chairmen of each subpanel also meet regularly to coordinate on projects which cross traditional subpanel boundaries and enhance subpanel processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness in achieving the ManTech mission.

JDMTP organization chart

***Other Ex Officio Members include: DARPA, Service S&T and Acquisition Staff, Agencies, DoE, DoC (NIST)

Each subpanel has their own page with more information on their focus areas, review processes, etc. Links are on the menu to the left.

The JDMTP was originally chartered in 1999, but since has been given permanent authority in Section 212 of the FY 2010 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The full NDAA can be found here. The current law states that the OSD AT&L office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy (MIBP) has oversight for the DoD ManTech Program. The organizational relationship between MIBP, ManTech, and the JDMTP is shown in the graphic below.