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NextFlex, the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute



This Institute is focused on developing a new era in flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing by catalyzing the US flexible hybrid electronics ecosystem to commercialize technology through investments in FHE materials scale-up, thinned device processing, device/sensor integrated printing and packaging, system design tools, and reliability testing and modeling. These technology prototypes will encompass novel commercial and defense products such as:

FHE exists in the intersection of two industries: the electronics industry and the high performance printing industry, both well-established US industrial and academic areas of strength. The intersection of these two industries offers a huge opportunity for continued growth and the FHE institute will increase US competitiveness in this emerging technology. The FHE core manufacturing focus areas include:

  1. FHE materials scale-up
  2. Thinned device processing
  3. Device/sensor integrated printing and packaging
  4. System design tools
  5. Reliability testing and modeling

All of these developments will require crosscutting disciplines of design, manufacturing, packaging, reliability, and testing. The Institute brings government, industry and academia together with the goals to co-invest in key emerging technology areas that can encourage investment and production in the U.S. Activities under the Institute will enable universities and small to medium enterprises to participate in the flexible hybrid electronics ecosystem.

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