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Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office (AMNPO)

Hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) the AMNPO is staffed by representatives from federal agencies and universities focusing on manufacturing-related missions. The AMNPO is charged with enabling more effective collaboration in identifying and addressing challenges and opportunities that span technology areas and cut across agency missions. In addition, the office links federal efforts to the growing number of private-sector partnerships between manufacturers, universities, state and local governments, and other organizations.

The OSD ManTech Director provides the DoD's strategic presence to the AMNPO, and along with direct participation by the OSD ManTech Office staff, provides critical input to the policy regarding advanced manufacturing policies. The OSD ManTech program also provides the resources to establish and operate the DoD-led Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation (IMI). The DoD has established three such IMIs (Additive Manufacturing Innovation, Digital manufacturing and Design Innovation and Light Weight and Modern Metals Manufacturing Innovation) and has announced the creation of two more (Integrated Photonics and Flexible Hybrid Electronics). Each military service is represented in the program management structure of the DOD-led IMIs, and the DOD-led IMI's enjoy active government participation from civilian agencies as well. For more information, please click here.

Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) 2.0

Created in 2011 by President Obama, the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Steering Committee 2.0 is a renewed, cross-sector, national effort to secure U.S. leadership in the emerging technologies that will create high-quality manufacturing jobs and enhance America’s global competitiveness. On October 27, 2014, the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership report was released detailing twelve recommendations for accelerating U.S. advantage in manufacturing technologies. The AMP 2.0 report can be downloaded here.