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Achievement Award Winners

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2012 Award Recipients

Fastener Insertion Live Link System (FILLS)

FILLS is an optical projection system that has been implemented across several and planned for several programs already. FILLS meets a fundamental need to provide clear assembly instructions by projecting them directly on airframe components and assemblies. The data projected can be calibrated so physical features are illuminated and annotated with information targeted to that specific structural or electrical location, thus eliminating the challenging and often confusing process of interpreting blueprint drawings as they relate to work in progress. Optical projection guides the mechanic through the fastener installation process, as well as other tasks such as structural assembly, hole drilling, fastener grip length measurement, temporary assembling, surface coating, and mate surface sealing. The project has resulted in significant savings in labor hours and improved quality.

Several Senators and Congressman wrote supportive letters for the FILLS team, and they can be found here: Levin, Gingrey, Stabenow, and Shelby.

Government / Industry Team Members:

FILLS team photo

CSI and 3D-TMP Projects

The second recipient of the 2012 Achievement Award is a joint nominee, made up of separate Air Force and DMS&T projects.

The Air Force's "Customer/Supplier Interoperability during Collaborative Design (CSI)" and OSD/DMS&T’s "3D Technical Data Package & Certification" projects have greatly reduced time to mission for weapon systems by enabling the seamless transfer of product data throughout the system's lifecycle - getting the right data to the right people in a format that they can use. Through side-by-side comparisons with current best practices, these two programs generated projected cost savings of ~$50M per year when fully adopted by a single, large defense supply chain. Both of these programs significantly benefitted from OSD Defense-wide Manufacturing Science & Technology funding.

Government / Industry Team Members:

From the CSI project, we recognize:

From 3D-TDP, we recognize:

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