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Achievement Award Winners

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2011 Award Recipients

Use of Digital Radiography for Final Part Acceptance of Aerospace Castings

This project helped create the required standards for digital reference radiographs and eliminated other barriers to implementation of digital radiography. The radiography technology has become increasingly available as an in-house inspection tool for metalcasting quality assessments, but lacks standardization and proven equivalency. This project ensured that parts could easily transition to digital inspection under a unified aerospace specification. The investment will result in approximately $26M in cost reductions for DoD cast components over the next 10 years.

Government / Industry Team Members:

Radiography group

Carbon Bismaleimide (BMI) Fiber Placement Development

This project developed material, equipment and process improvements to optimize the automated fiber placement process for carbon bismaleimide (BMI) materials used on composite wing skins and engine nacelle skins. Developments from the project have been implemented at current suppliers and shared with industry to benefit the F-35 and future platforms. The project’s anticipated cost savings/avoidance to DoD is over $100M over the life of the JSF program.

Government / Industry Team Members:

BMI Group

Prosthetics and Orthotics Manufacturing Initiative (POMI)

The purpose of this effort was to aid in the care of wounded warriors by improving the processing and manufacturing of prosthetic systems. The project included 1) Digital Design of prosthetic sockets using modeling of the patient’s anatomy via MRI scanning, 2) High resolution pressure mapping of the pressures exerted on the residual limb by the socket, 3) Automatic fabrication of sockets utilizing machining of positive molds and braiding, and 4) Reconfigurable materials for fabrication of sockets which can be altered to accommodate changes in the patient’s residual limb. The fabrication techniques developed in this project allow a focus of limited resources on providing superior components directly to our wounded.

Government / Industry Team Members:

POMI Group
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