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Achievement Award Winners

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2010 Award Recipients

High Power, High Energy Density Lithium-Ion Batteries

The High Power, High Energy Density Lithium-Ion Battery project was sponsored by the Army and nominated through the JDMTP Electronics subpanel. The project addressed manufacturing procedures to reduce the cost of Lithium-ion battery packs. These systems are used in mission critical roles in airplanes, submarines, and ground vehicles. The goal of the project was to increase the production rate and yield of battery cells and to reduce production costs while improving overall battery performance, safety, and reliability.

Thanks to this team, the project has exceeded all key parameters. It has already resulted in real cost savings to the US Army. The results of this project will reach all branches of the US Military with domestic production of high quality Li-ion energy storage systems for programs as diverse as the TOW Improved Target Acquisition System, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, US Navy Seal Delivery Vehicle and future ground vehicles.

Government / Industry Team Members:

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Seal Extrusion Development and Demonstration (SEDD)

The SEDD project developed door seals by utilizing a thermoplastic extrusion process and tested those seals to both the F-22 and F-35 requirements. Tasks were added to the SEDD program to investigate utilizing the extrusion process to produce tape, which will be completed by the end of 2011. The collaboration with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and key sub-tier vendors has matured the manufacturing process for extruded door seals. By utilizing an extrusion process, the number of tools was reduced from 30 cast tools to 1 extrusion tool for 30 seal shapes. The extruded seals technology has been transitioned to the F-22 and F-35 programs with both programs working to qualify the material for implementation. An added benefit for the F-22 is that the extruded material has superior durability over the baseline material, which results in lower maintainability costs. The new F-22 extruded seal is 15 times more durable than the baseline seal material. The Air Force’s Return on Investment is $881M.

Government / Industry Team Members:

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Weld Seam Facing and Back Gouging

The Weld Seam Facing and Back Gouging project was sponsored by the Navy and nominated through the JDMTP Metals subpanel. Welding exterior ship panels together produces a protrusion that far exceeds stringent surface requirements on DDG 1000 Class ships. As a result, approximately 23,000 feet of weld reinforcement must be hand ground flush on each hull. The very slow, repetitive nature of this strenuous process causes many carpal tunnel and back injuries, which are very costly to the shipyards. During this project, the Navy Metalworking Center led the development and implementation of a mechanized tool that removes the weld reinforcement, substantially reducing the amount of hand grinding and associated injury claims, labor costs and production costs.

The lightweight, portable machining tool, called a track weld shaver, removes weld reinforcements at much faster rates, and can operate in a wide variety of orientations. The tool has wide applicability, and through this project, there is already significant interest from the commercial industry as well as plans for future Navy shipbuilding requirements.

Government / Industry Team Members:

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2010 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award Nominees

The manufacturing technology project nominees that were considered for the tenth annual award were completed and/or demonstrated in FY10 or FY11. The nominees were

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