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Achievement Award Winners

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2004 Award Recipients

Lean Depot Repair


Lean Depot Repair successes have triggered a major shift in how repair work is performed at the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC). Lean practices have revolutionized Programmed Depot Maintenance lines for F-15 and C-5 aircraft, generating dramatic payback for the customer. Reduced cycle time and cost are the primary benefits, shifting critical warfighting assets out of maintenance and into fully operational status available for supporting global deployment requirements. For instance, a C-5, when mission-ready, can be deployed within 90 minutes to help project global power and global reach. Other benefits include:

Upon viewing these achievements, WR-ALC has elected to extend Lean to its C-130 aircraft operations and to critical "non-factory" operations like pass-and-ID. WR-ALC cost avoidance, exceeding $12 million in the first two years of Lean deployment, are traceable to overtime reductions and other efficiencies. Top WR-ALC leadership has vigorously embraced Lean and has adopted Lean deployment as one of their three top depot priorities. True teamwork among personnel from Air Force ManTech, WR-ALC, and Simpler Consulting has directly facilitated program success.

Lean depot practices are being expanded across the DoD, including Army arsenals and depots, Navy air depots, and shipyards.

Government / Industry Team Members:

Uniform Cannon Tube Profile Verification

The project goal was to establish an automated procedure (hardware and software) for consistently shaping new (production) tank gun barrels as well as verifying fielded barrels to enable a 15-point improvement in the probability of hit on the first shot. Verification of twenty fleet-representative barrel centerlines resulted in a 20-fold tighter tolerance and a 65 percent reduction in impact dispersion across the fleet of tanks. The team has developed faster and more precise barrel straightness measurement equipment, with the design, engineering, and fabrication of barrel verification machines scheduled for incorporation into the barrel manufacturing process at Watervliet Arsenal. Test firings indicate barrel verification will provide accuracy improvements that are unequaled in the past twenty years. All U.S. Army Abrams Tank units will benefit from planned implementation.

The tighter grouping of round impacts resulted in probability of hit increases ranging from 21 percent to 54 percent for the six common round types. The average reduction in tube-to-tube center of impact for the six common round types is over 50 percent.

Testimonials from Army:

Government / Industry Team Members:

2004 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award Nominees

The manufacturing technology project nominees that were considered for the sixth annual award were completed and/or demonstrated in FY04 or FY05. The nominees were:

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