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Achievement Award Winners

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2001 Award Recipients

Enhanced Manufacturing Processes for Body Armor Materials

Body Armor

Thanks to the dedicated and outstanding efforts of this team, the Soldiers and Marines who may be in harm's way participating in Operation Enduring Freedom will be wearing the best ballistic protection available in the world today!

The Interceptor body armor jacket could stop 9mm handgun bullets in their tracks. Now, because of the work of this team and the success of this ManTech project, two highly effective, lightweight ceramic armor materials have been developed and implemented which vastly enhance the Interceptor's capabilities. Siliconized silicon carbide and boron carbide plates that can stop rifle or machine-gun fire-which was not possible with this jacket in the past-are now available to insert in the jacket's pockets. Simula, with a production capacity of 5,000 plates per month, has already delivered 45,000 Siliconized Silicon Carbide Plate in XS Size of its siliconized silicon carbide plates and is under contract to deliver 140,000 more; 12,000 of CERCOM's boron carbide plates have also been fielded. The new armor plates are 55% lighter than traditional body armor, and have a cost approximately 60% lower than the high performance armor plates that were available at the start of this project.

Also highly noteworthy is that this project exemplifies the "jointness" aspect of the ManTech Program. It utilized not only Army ManTech money but also significant funding contributions from Army and Marine program offices as well as from private industry.

Government / Industry Team Members (from left to right):

Enhanced Manufacturing Processes for Body Armor Materials

2001 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award Nominees

The manufacturing technology project nominees that were considered for the third annual award were completed and/or demonstrated in FY00 or FY01. The nominees were:

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