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Defense ManTech Achievement Award

The Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award recognizes and honors those individuals from government and the private sector most responsible for outstanding technical accomplishments that further the achievement of the vision of the Department of Defense (DoD) Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program. That vision is to "realize a responsive world-class manufacturing capability to affordably meet the Warfighters' needs throughout the defense system life cycle." Sponsored by the Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel (JDMTP) the award was established in 1999.

Award recipients are selected based on the following three criteria:

Nominations for the annual award are made primarily by the JDMTP Subpanels but may be made by any member of the JDMTP community. Nominated projects must have been managed by a manufacturing technology program of the Services or the Defense Logistics Agency. The "Selection Committee" consists of the four JDMTP Principals and the Director for OSD ManTech. The awards are presented annually at the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) to the designated members of each selected project team.

2016 Awardees

High Operating Temperature Multi-Band Focal Plane Arrays

The HOT Multi-Band FPA project, funded by the Army’s ManTech program, established an entire new domestic industry base and production capability for advanced cooled infrared focal plane arrays made from III-V antimony-based material systems. This technology allows advanced infrared sensing capability at a much lower cost, higher yield and higher operability than current technology while also offering size, weight power and maintenance lifetime advantages.

Digital Thread for Material Review Board

This program, funded by the Air Force ManTech program, established a framework to shape future digital thread applications by leveraging digital data more than ever before to disposition non-conformances on the production floor. These projects applied several digital thread technologies to improve the Material Review Board process and have demonstrated combined potential business cases in excess of $900 Million from a $5 Million R&D Investment. The use cases were applied to existing DoD systems including the F-35 inlet duct and the F135 engine.

Optical Windows-ALON

There is a growing need in the DoD for very large monolithic transparent ceramic windows for reconnaissance applications and transparent armor. Current fielded programs require windows ranging from 3.7 square feet to 7.6 square feet with future requirements anticipated up to 9 square feet and larger. Prior to this program, the largest ALON window size was limited to 2.8 square feet. Enabled by the DMS&T program, ALON is now manufactured routinely in sizes up to 4.8 square feet, with prototype windows ranging from 3.7 square feet to 7.6 square feet being demonstrated. In addition to scaling up the size of available ALON windows, the manufacturing process improvements made during this project have resulted in a 50 percent reduction in cost and cycle time for large ALON® windows.

Other 2016 Nominees

Past Year Awardees

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2015 Award Recipients

F-35 Electro-Optical Targeting System (EOTS) Producibility

The Electro-Optical Targeting System of the F-35 Lightning II is a high-performance, lightweight, multi-functional system for precision air-to-air and air-to-surface targeting. The system provides high-resolution imagery, automatic tracking, infrared search-and-track, laser designation with range finding, and laser spot tracking at greatly increased standoff ranges. Production of the system’s Mid-Wave Infrared Integrated Dewar-Cooler Assembly suffered from low yield and production inefficiencies, unable to meet LRIP rates and cost bogeys. This project designed, qualified, and implemented numerous automated and semi-automated manufacturing processes, tools, and equipment to reduce touch labor, increase yields, and improve reliability of the production line. The project improved the MRL from 4 to 8 while reducing the cost per unit by 19%, saving the government over $117 Million dollars with a return on investment over 25X for the program.

EOTS team

Welding of High Strength Steels

This project improved the strength of welds in high alloy steels, typically used in combat vehicles or armor. The mechanical properties in the area around the welding can be significantly reduced, decreasing the yield strength by up to 50%. This project developed new welding and post-weld heat treatment processes that improve the mechanical properties of the welds allowing for thinner/lighter parts. Projected savings after transition is projected to be over $11M for DLA and the DOD.

Welding Team

Manufacturing Technology for High Power Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELS)

This DMS&T effort for VCSELS was responsible for the transformation of both a technology and a company from costly prototypes for niche application into a manufacturing concern for several new lines of commercially available products to support warfighter needs in infrared illumination, range finding, and target identification at substantially lower costs and higher power levels.

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