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Defense Manufacturing Conference

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The purpose of the Defense Manufacturing Conference is to bring together leaders from government, industry, and academia to exchange perspectives and information about critical Department of Defense (DoD) manufacturing technologies. The focus is on the production and sustainment of affordable defense systems. Over the years, DMC has become the principal national forum for discussion of defense manufacturing issues, policies, programs and capabilities, as well as counterpart industry initiatives and concerns.

Average attendance is usually around 1000, evenly split between government and industry participants, with a small number from academia as well. Attendees range from CEO- and Flag Officer/SES-level to working-level engineers.

Each year, one or more organizations is the focus for the conference. DMC is currently run as a commercial venture by Universal Technology Corporation (UTC), in collaboration with JDMTP and representative of its components. Plenary Sessions feature key speakers from the DoD, the services, defense agencies, industry, defense-related industry associations, and academia, together with other distinguished speakers who can provide their experience, expertise, and unique insights.

Please visit the DMC website to learn more.

Each year, the JDMTP hands out ManTech Achievement Awards. For more info and photos of our recent awardees, please view the Awards page.

Looking for the Brochure that debuts each year at DMC? Past years' editions are all located here.