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Investment Strategy

ManTech’s vision and mission are very broad, but its budget is limited. A disciplined, integrated, and prioritized strategy is therefore necessary to develop policies and apply those resources to best meet the ManTech mission. ManTech applies the following four tenets in establishing priorities:

  1. Address the highest priority defense manufacturing needs in the window of opportunity to make a difference.
  2. Transition manufacturing R&D processes into production applications.
  3. Attack pervasive manufacturing issues and exploit new opportunities across industry sectors.
  4. Address manufacturing technology requirements beyond the normal risk of industry.

ManTech has developed a strategy that balances its traditional emphasis on processing and fabrication technology solutions with active support for broader defense manufacturing needs. The DoD Manufacturing Technology Program Strategic Plan, dated 2012, documents the strategy. The ManTech Strategy encompasses four strategic thrusts which support the defense industrial base and the defense manufacturing enterprise. The Strategic thrusts are:

  1. A responsive and balanced manufacturing technology investment portfolio to meet DoD requirements
  2. Active support for a highly connected and collaborative defense manufacturing enterprise
  3. Active support for a strong institutional focus on manufacturability and manufacturing process maturity
  4. Active support for a healthy, sufficient, and effective defense manufacturing infrastructure and workforce
Strat Plan Thrust Image

Within this strategic framework, the JDMTP and the ManTech component programs, including OSD-managed MS&T activities, collectively operate within a three-phase investment process:

  1. Manufacturing technology requirements determination,
  2. Identification and prioritization of strategic initiatives and projects,
  3. Project selection and execution

Through the actions of the JDMTP and its Subpanels, these activities are coordinated both within programs and organizations and across their boundaries.